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AntexCloud develops multilingual business solutions based on Office 365 , Azure and other cloud platforms, which utilize advantages of SharePoint, Project, Power BI, Teams & PowerApps products and technologies, plus delivers custom-tailored trainings that help get up-to speed with Office 365.

We are a young international team of modern cloud apps experts from Holland, Canada, Spain, Bulgaria and other countries. We consult, propose, develop and implement custom-tailored solutions based on Office 365 infrastructure in Europe in Dutch, English, Spanish and French. We specialize in moving businesses to the cloud and digital transformation consulting.

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AntexCloud is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner registered in Netherlands.

Microsoft Gold Certified partners have close working relationship with Microsoft and are considered to have high level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies as well as have best-in-class capabilities for deploying business solutions that use certain Microsoft products and technologies.

Our solutions are built on Office 365 platform and therefore require low investment. They also maximize ROI from Office 365 licenses that you may already own. Many Office 365 subscribers use Office only for basic editing tasks, not utilizing its potential, so we have different offerings for businesses based on their experience and requirements.

AntexCloud can help you with the following:


Understand Office 365 products and cloud platform capabilities;


we listen, look into your business and advise what processes and tasks can be improved, automated, digitalized, and moved into the cloud if necessary;


we explain new features and key benefits of the Office 365 online platform to new users and help them to move into the cloud;


Try existing products;
develop new ones;


if there's a fit, we install trial versions of our products that work on top of your Office 365 subscription. They are ready to use and require little efforts to install;


we adjust our products to better suite the needs of your business, and/or develop new ones per your requirements, using SharePoint, Flow, Teams & PowerApps technologies. Resulting applications are fully integrated with Office 365.


We can develop complex business analytics reports using powerful BA tools like Microsoft Power BI and Qlik families.


Improve knowledge and skills of
your employees around cloud
products and technologies


based on your particular needs, we design custom business training on selected Office 365 products with major focus on online and collaboration features – so that your employees can get up to speed with Office 365 or improve particular skills;

Our solutions help small and medium European businesses achieve digital transformation and increase productivity

Custom-tailored solutions help you to get more out of the Office 365 platform

We develop business applications for Office 365, as this platform allows quickly building cost-efficient solutions. After assessing your needs, we will propose a custom-tailored solution with a mix of the following technologies:

A collaboration and document management platform that you can use as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from any device. Employees can even create and edit team sites to store and collaborate on files or to create and manage lists of information.

On a team site home page, employees can view links to important team files, apps, and web pages and see recent site activity in the activity feed. SharePoint also allows you and your coworkers to work simultaneously on a single document, saving previous versions, and tracking updates.

Allows turning repetitive tasks into multistep workflows. You get automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. Frequently used to build approval chains for internal requests and see their status.

See your company's data in new ways with interactive data visualization reports that allow to go from data to insights in minutes. BI reports work in browser and do not require any additional software for view or interaction. We can create simple to use personalized dashboards which will combine on-premises and cloud-born data in a single view, allowing your employees to monitor most important data company wide and from all business apps.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based digital hub that brings company chats, conversations, content, and apps together in one place. With Teams, your employees no longer have an excuse to use Whatsapp to pass confidential information. We can even build and connect notifitation-only or intelligent bots to interact with Microsoft Teams users naturally through chat.

We can create mobile applications that will give your employees, partners and subcontractors access to your data that could be stored across different software suites, like SharePoint, Salesforce, Excel file, Access database… PowerApps allows creating business apps working with data and other resources that might be critical for your business and need to be restricted to specific audiences and at the same time accessible from modern mobile devices.

Migration and Information systems support expertise

Sometimes customers ask for help with Backup, Migration into cloud, Monitoring and support:


from older versions of corporate apps like Exchange, SharePoint (or to/from cloud apps like Gmail, Google drive, etc) can present a number of issues with compatibility, complexity and be time-consuming. We use dedicated tools like Quest, Metalogix, BitTitan or Sharegate to get the job done;


We offer tools that ensure additional level of information protection like Microsoft Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft EMS and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection;


With increasing adoption of Office 365, number of users, data, and administrative tasks grows too, which can result in «human errors» and notable time spending. Use of special tools from GSX, Skykick, Metalogix, Quest and other vendors can significantly improve efficiency and reliability of administrative actions;

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Prominent cloud suites like Office 365 have real-time distributed backups done automatically. In order to recover deleted data, customers can request them within 30 days after deletion, and usually get them back in 8 to 12 hours. However, in many cases customers need data sooner – that's why use of dedicated backup solutions is recommended. We offer cloud backups of data stored in Office 365, SalesForce, Google accounts, corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts. After initial backup, incremental backups are done few times a day – including data from Exchange online contacts and calendars, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for business and shared folders.

Our solutions and customer testimonials

We have several boxed solutions in a Microsoft SharePoint Add-In format that can be quickly installed and will work as a 30-day trial version:

Try our applications
in your Office 365


Office 365 trainings


Office 365 training offer

We offer custom-tailored training courses to help small and medium businesses quickly build expertise around Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite products and technologies.


We explain features and benefits of the Office 365 online platform to new users and those moving into the cloud. If necessary, we can create a 1-month trial Office 365 subscription for you to play with.

Customers requesting this course are usually looking to understand online products and technologies.

We pay special attention to explain how products are integrated, work together, and benefits of Office 365 for co-authoring and collaboration. We also cover new applications as they get added to the Office 365 suite.


Based on your particular needs, we design custom business training on selected Office 365 products with major focus on online and collaboration features – so that your employess can get up to speed with Office 365 or improve particular skills.

These trainings are designed to provide hands-on understanding of particular products and services so that employees can get up to speed and start using new skills in their daily work.