Office 365 orientation and trainings

Get help when you begin adoption of Office 365 cloud suite. Train your employees so they can fully use its power.

Even savvy Microsoft Office experts with years of experience need some time to get accustomed to its cloud version (Office 365), understand its new concepts and new features. To make the transition quicker and easier, we offer initial Office 365 orientation (101 course) and custom-tailored training courses that provide your employees with necessary skills and knowledge around cloud products and technologies.

On-site training courses are custom-tailored for each customer needs, and help small and medium businesses quickly build expertise around Microsoft Office 365 cloud suite products and technologies.


We explain features and benefits of the Office 365 online platform to new users and those moving into the cloud. If necessary, we can create a 1-month trial Office 365 subscription for you to play with.

Customers requesting this course are usually looking to understand online products and technologies.

We pay special attention to explain how products are integrated, work together, and benefits of Office 365 for co-authoring and collaboration. We also cover new applications as they get added to the Office 365 suite.


Based on your particular needs, we design custom business training on selected Office 365 products with major focus on online and collaboration features – so that your employess can get up to speed with Office 365 or improve particular skills.

These trainings are designed to provide hands- on understanding of particular products and services so that employees can get up to speed and start using new skills in their daily work.